Longboards made and designed in Bavaria / Germany


As skaters, we have always been in search for the ever elusive perfect board – hyper-accurate, fast yet comfortable to ride, almost indestructable but somehow maintains great flex, and able to deal with serious challenges. In this search, the idea arose to create and build a board of our own. Combining all those features with any regular materials used in the current skating industry is simply not possible. That‘s why we use special synthetic materials mixed with German engineering, allowing us to get that perfect ride.


The result is a new way of boarding – SAL-Performance boarding. Join us and experience it for yourself!


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Our decks have a unique flex, which allows you to ride effortlessly and relaxed, no matter whether you‘re on a long road, in the city, cruising, freeriding or carving. Furthermore, our boards are constructed in a way to give you perfect feedback from the ground to the wheels and trucks. This lets you ride with even greater precision.


On top of this the flex promotes efficiency, increasing speed while pushing or pumping.

SAL-Performance Cruiser Board Longboard Companion, durchsichtig, jelly, clear, durarbility, haltbar, unzerstörbar, 10 Jahre Garantie, 10 years warranty,



Thanks to the use of high-tech synthetic materials, our SAL-Performance boards are nearly indestructible. They’ve been tested to withstand several tons of pressure, rough jumps, drifts, UV-light irraditaion and more.

Stiffness and flexibility stay the same over the years. You will have to change the wheels, bearings and trucks several times before worrying about our decks breaking. This material is not comparable to boards made of wood, metal or other sythetics. These are real SAL-Performance boards!

SAL-Performance Longboard Conqueror, clear, clean, green, umweltfreundlich, durchsichtig, unzuerstörbar, high end, skateboard, einzigartig, lifestyle, 40inch, cooles longboard

Green & Clear


Our decks are made of special high-tech material that is full recylebar and thus reusable condition. It is important to conserve resources and thus also the production in one of the most modern manufacturing facilities close to us.

With our boards, we want to set an example for environmental protection and move skater to renounce wood decks.

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After many tests, we have decided what high-end components we want to use as a standard feature. They are all of the utmost quality and bring the ideal driveability.

However, we move with the times and try constantly new components and update our boards accordingly. Thus, you will always get only the very best equipment to our decks.

SAL Performance Block Risers GoPro Action Kamera Cam GoPro Halterung Mount Stash Box Light System LED Licht für Longboard Skateboard


This are the only risers on the market that are utilitarian. Users can easily switch in and out different riser inserts, giving their skateboard added functionality. We use BLOCK Risers default on our Complete boards, but you can also be combined with any other board and buy more this system.

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BAMBOO Skateboards & Longboards USA


You want to have a special Skateboard that even after a long time the Pop does not lose?

Or are you looking for even a Cruiser-Board or Longboard entirely of bamboo? Then check equal to our program of BAMBOO Skateboards USA. These unique decks and Completes be made environmentally friendly, offer a great quality and a great price / performance level.

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Surf-Rodz Europe Boards


Should it rather a classic wooden Longboard be, but what singles out by its design, shape and design of the broad dimensions, then you should give all the decks of Surf-Rodz Europe.

Nice finish, good handling and a moderate price characterize these boards.